viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

#40 Event Horizon

This semester I'm studying cosmology and it's the time to learn about cosmologic horizons. Event horizon is probably the saddest concept I've ever heard! Just listen: Two particles separated farther than the distance of the event horizon will never EVER meet each other in the history of the universe due to its accelerating expansion. Isn't it devastating? But hey, don't get down, every single partcile was in contact with others at the start, so they will never forget about each other. Thats the reason for thermodynamic equilibrium in the universe! :)

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  1. Ahaha, very nice!
    I think Mr. Schrödinger's Cat doesn't have to worry about his better half, he's all cute and furry anyway=D
    I'm studying Cosmology this semester too, and right now I'm worrying about the equation of state for dark energy!

    Congratulations and keep up the good work:)

    Ester Simões (Porto, Portugal)