lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

#43 Hipster Astrophysics

Ok, I know, I own everyone an explanation. Yes I'm alive, and yes, I'm trying to be back! I'm really really sorry for all the Dinger fans that have been waiting for new comics all this time. After I graduated, I spent the summer traveling and then went very busy starting my Master and everything. The truth is I've been lacking of ideas during all this time. I think I need new inspiration which is diffcult now that I'm not studying general physics anymore. Before I usually had the best ideas during courses, but now that I'm doing my MSc in Astrophysics it does not come so easy.
I really want to continue drawing the amazing adventures of Schrödinger's cat so I'll try to make an effort and to search for new ideas, lets see if I can do this at least twice a month. You've probably going to see a lot of jokes about Astrophysics from now on, but I'll try to keep touching every field in Physics.
As you can see I've changed the writing in the comics, since I found my handwriting a little difficult to read sometimes, so I replaced it for a typical comicbook font, I hope you like it!

For today's comic you must know about Mainsequence which is the longer and most stable phase of star evolution and lasts since they start burning the hydrogen in the core until the hydrogen is full consumed. Typical stars like the Sun are observed in the main sequence while few hipster ones have evolved and stay in the latter phase called Horizontal Branch having starbucks coffee and writing on Mac's for years.

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  1. Welcome back! I came across your comics a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. I'm also a student in astrophysics, and I love cats, so your comics resonate with me so much!!

    1. Thanks! Glad to read it, I hope you keep following and liking all the new adventures :)

  2. We know you only spaced posts so they don't become too mainstream; you follow your ultimate dream, to be as hipster as the universe can be.

  3. Jajajajajaja hpster universe is too hipster

  4. Recently, I had the honor of working collaboratively with the astrophysics lab at Case Western Reserve University in taking a series of deep space images. The field had been having difficulty in filtering out the static found prevalent thus far. The resultant photos which interpret what telescopes were seeing, seem to be causing quite a stir in both the fine art and astronomy circles.
    Please refer to my LinkedIn profile, for further biographical data. -Marc Breed, Fine Artist